Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Some Call Outs

Just thinking out loud...

First, to quote an anonymous poster on my blog- I only mention this so folks don't think I am stealing- who do we have to kill around here to see Mohl pitch? Tulane was crying for outs out of the 'pen this weekend against the Titans- this guy has been near the best all year providing them- and now Tulane can't get him in the game/has some new secret role for him? He better start tonight against Texas Southern, have a broken arm or pitch six innings in relief.

Two, isn't about time we move past the never ending Micah honeymoon- and really objectively look at how this guy is used. Great power numbers. Then what? What part of the All-American transfer from the 'Ramblin' Wreck am I missing?

He's hitting like .230- and strikes out all the time. Is it my imagination or has he left like a thousand guys on base? I am not going to dump on him about his pitching- getting lit up by CSF is no shame- but isn't the club at the point where we need to look at how the Wave is using this guy? Cause something ain't working right.

First, until he stops striking out, let's move him down a spot or two in the line-up- or keep him seventh or something? Tulane gets enough guys on base in the bottom half of our line up that his obvious bolts of power won't be wasted. The .230 particularly hurts because Dini has been erratic with the bat too- two guys square in the middle of line-up who don't hit consistently. Also, is he playing too much? Be asked to do too many things around here? Again, maybe until he gets his stick back in gear- he might be better served watching a game or so a week?

One big reason we are leaving a ton of guys on base is Owens strikes out too much.