Thursday, March 31, 2005

Scelfo The Traitor?

I like Coach Scelfo- but if that fink is lobbying behind the scenes after his performance here and new contract, I'd fire him tomorrow.

And maybe the new coach would convince Richard Irvin- my sweet, sweet pet- to come back.

Here is the key excerpt:

Chris Scelfo: The Tulane head coach and former Marshall offensive coordinator is lobbying for the job behind the scenes. On the surface, that seems odd. Scelfo recently was given a contract extension through 2009 and he is a native of New Iberia, La. His brother, Frank, is Tulane's offensive coordinator and his nephew, Anthony, is an incoming quarterback recruit.

So, why would Scelfo want to leave Tulane? One reason is Marshall is a better job. Another factor is reportedly there was a major controversy over the recruiting of Scelfo's nephew. Tulane's administration allegedly raised the nepotism issue and wasn't going to allow Anthony Scelfo to be awarded a grant-in-aid. His father, Frank, was so upset by the situation he reportedly came close to resigning his offensive coordinator job. Tulane relented and allowed the younger Scelfo to accept a scholarship, but the controversy has created a rift behind the scenes.