Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its Michael Vick

I admit I am surprised that Michael Vick has been named the starter. Gosh Andy, the ink was even dry on yesterday's rant.

I would suggest the following:

1. Pre-season, I (and I am sure the Coach secretly agreed) thought there was no way to get to the NFC Championship game. By week 3, if Vick is the real deal and the division is as bad as it looks, Reid thinks he will win this division by two games, get a home game, and he is in the conference mix. With the level of play exhibited by Dallas, New York and Washington, they figure they can try now. I don't think it is even arguable; there is more onus, more capacity and more potential to win now than two week ago.

2. Vick is “fixed”. I, Andy Reid, have turned Vick into a pocket passer weapon capable of completing the 20+ balls a game needed to win in this League. I have no doubt that Coach could believe that.

Reid made Jeff Garcia a pro-Bowler. AJ Feeley was 7-1 as a starter- traded for a high second round pick. Now Reid think he has trained and fixed Vick- and like Garcia, he has a pro-Bowler behind center, perfect to try and re-create that 2006 run.

3. Vick is better behind this leaky o-line. If you can’t run the standard offense, rather than meekly failing, change the status quo. Pre-season, with the o-line healthy and stable, Kolb was the better option. Now, with injuries and an emergency OT, maybe they need some escape-ability and playmaking.

Too a lesser degree:

Coach Reid is secure. He can experiment- and he can also pull the plug. If the ten-win, division title scenario doesn't flower- then Reid can move on back to Kolb. Basically, he re-assessed the division- changed his approach due to opportunity.

There is something to cultivating a “culture of meritocracy”. Mess around- get out Andrews brothers. Play well- get rewarded. There are no favorites, no “me’s”, when the Coach benches his pet. Andy admits mistakes- they do not fester.

Kolb will get another chance. It is the NFL. He’s is 60-40 to start multiple games this year. Surplus quarterbacking never lasts.