Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quick Thoughts

The Flyers crushed Montreal last night to open a 1-0 lead in the conference final. I'm not sure the magnitude of the beating is indicative- there is no pro-sport where it easier to play with a good lead.

But the Flyers went to the front of the net with impunity- whacking away until the puck went in the net, loitering without retaliation fifteen feet from the net. Just because Montreal could control the shifty, skilled forwards of the Caps and Pens does not necessarily translate to being able to clear the Flyers out from the slot consistently. That is a real problem from last night- and if Montreal doesn't get that fixed, they'll be out in five. We saw a few years ago, when Montreal was physically whipped badly in five games. Hopefully they haven't solved that guts problem.

As further evidence, when the Flyers get that sixth goal last night... doesn't someone on Montreal have to start a fist-fight?