Friday, May 14, 2010


Wow. Now Boston, that is the sort of civic stink that will take generations to remove- thirty, forty, fifty years. Just like the grainy 1942 footage of the Toronto Maple Leafs heralded an ancient comeback from a 3-0 in games deficit, sometime in 2060 our 3-D vision centers will look charmingly weird as flat footage of this game, this great victory, is replayed as some other outfit closes in on the miracle.

Honestly, if you are a Bruin fan, I don’t know what the honorable thing to even do is. Not go to work for six months? Throw things on the ice? (ed. Note: Done!) You have to consider it.

It is late- so this will be quick. Ultimately, once Gagne and Ville added some needed forward depth, the Flyers had a path to four goals most night- which Boston could not match. Tonight, the Flyers dopey penalty brigade- as always, Hartnell and Briere- could not stay out of the penalty box taking needless fouls. The one thing the Flyers could not do- help the hapless Bruins’ offense score- Philadelphia did early.

But after falling down by three goals, the Flyers stopped helping them- and the Bruins could not score again. Meanwhile the Flyers worked their relentless formula to four goals. All hoopla aside- and not to mark down the Flyers repeated unwillingness to quit- but the Flyers had a formula to get four markers a night, the Bruins did not.