Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Final BlogPoll

Below is my final BlogPoll ballot of the season. You can find the full poll by clicking thru here to CBS Sports.

Unlike last year, where I gritted my teeth and went with Utah in the top spot, I went with the status quo- crowning Alabama. I had no problem putting undefeated Boise State second though. It is a grown up program that does its best to schedule aggressively. It has whipped enough BCS teams to legitimize both the program and an undefeated campaign.

2Florida 1
3Boise State 2
4Texas 2
5Ohio State 3
6TCU 2
7Brigham Young 3
8Iowa 3
9Penn State 4
10Cincinnati 4
11Oregon 4
12Georgia Tech 3
13Virginia Tech 2
14LSU 2
15Utah 3
16Nebraska 3
17Miami (Florida) 3
18Oregon State 1
19Arizona 3
20Central Michigan 4
23Texas Tech
25Southern Cal
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oklahoma State (#16), Stanford (#20), West Virginia (#21), East Carolina (#23), Houston (#25).

For accountability’s sake, here is my pre-season ballot. Not bad- Florida, Texas and the Crimson Tide all performed as predicted. Picked the right C-USA champion: East Carolina. No outright misses in the Top 12- harder to do then you think.

My touted pre-season surprise team was in fact a nice surprise. Perhaps my “12” ranking was too aggressive- but Miami did return to the national conversation this year and won some big games.

The biggest miss? Cincinnati is totally absent- mostly due to my prejudiced against the Big East. I thought Pitt would win the League- and they arguably should have beaten the Bearcats. I still think a lot of the Bearcats success is Big East based. I’m not entirely sure they’d win five League games in the SEC. So I’ll take that lump.

Similarly with Mississippi. Obviously, I ranked them too high pre-season. But, I’m not entirely sure they aren’t one of the top twelve teams is the country.

I don’t know what I was thinking with Illinois and Notre Dame. The Illini just could not get out of their own way- decent wins over Michigan and Minnesota, decent games with Fresno and Cincinnati. But the defense was a mess and Juice Williams had a bad year.