Friday, December 18, 2009

JP Gets A Job

Our nation’s terrible unemployment number slightly improved this week when JP Losman found a job with the Oakland Raiders:
Former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel believes that J.P. Losman could be successful with the Oakland Raiders if he's given the opportunity to play.

Losman, whose signing with the shorthanded Raiders became official Wednesday, may get that chance if the pattern of injury and ineffectiveness from Oakland's quarterbacks continues.

Fassel is coach of the newly-crowned UFL champion Las Vegas Locomotives, with whom Losman was the starting quarterback this fall. The veteran coach believes that the strong-armed quarterback has what it takes to return to form in the NFL.

"J.P. is a solid guy and talented quarterback," Fassel told FanHouse in a phone interview Wednesday night. "He is certainly battle-tested. Most of all, though, I'm very impressed with his work ethic, desire to be good and really work at his trade and be better."

Fassel also admitted that three teams were ready to sign Losman if the Raiders did not but declined to specify which ones.
A total of four teams chasing JP? Unreal, but this blog was adamant that the UFL was a good step for JP. The UFL was an opportunity to pick the place to play (so he would in fact actually play) and get some proper non-Buffalo Bills coaching. Say what you want about Jim Fassel- but the guy can coach up the quarterback position. From his wiki bio:
Fassel began his career with assistant coaching stints at Utah State University and Stanford University, working with John Elway at Stanford. He also served as head coach of Utah.

Fassel has a long record of offensive success. He tutored prominent quarterbacks Phil Simms and John Elway. Prior to becoming New York Giants head coach, Fassel served as an assistant coach with the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, New York Giants, and Oakland Raiders.
JP shrewdly went and got himself the stamp of approval from a coach whose opinion counts on the quarterback position in the NFL. Plus, he showed a little humility and maturity- with his rep that could not hurt.

JP will never enter an NFL season again as a starter- but he has positioned himself for another handful of years of service in the League as a back-up. I doubt he is long for the Raiders; this is an emergency deal. But he’ll get another chance at a place he has some choice in (four teams!) and maybe experience a little fortune for once. I liked the UFL move then- love it now.