Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Get A Job

JP got a job!

They're being snarky. JP Losman was always a hard guy to embrace- but he played at Tulane with verve. Plus, he wore the jersey, won some big games (Hawai'i Bowl!). I think this move is the best of limited moves available to him. If JP is ever going to start again, he has got to play- and the only NFL options available to him were buried deep on the depth chart.

This UFL will end up being a higher quality League than NFL Europe (fewer players, less emphasis on youth, more emphasis on guys who had a cup of coffee in the League)- so why can't qbs rehab themselves here? And Jim Fassel, for all his faults as a head coach, did good work with pro-qbs: Elway, Collins, Simms.

Fassel has as good a chance to fix him as anyone- and JP is gonna get a chance to play rather than languish. The guy needs to change something- and this makes a sort of sense. If, at the end of the year Fassel signs off on him and JP shows good attitude and has success, the dearth of qb play in the NFL, plus the need to have two guys ready to go, means JP will get another shot. A year hanging out on the bench in the NFL merely makes him a salary cap casualty waiting to happen.

The few hundred thousand dollars he gives up leaving the NFL as a deep reserve probably aren't much to a guy who had a multi-million dollar bonus at one point- particularly considering the upside if he is successful in this UFL stint. Frankly, I like this move for JP.

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