Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Welcome to Tulane

Today is National Letter of Intent day! A day where young men around the country- quick-of-foot, with marvelous size, and capable of a violent mentality for three hours- commit to play football in the nation’s spectator palaces.

For the most part. The next group, the not-so-quick, the bulky rather than massive... well, they get to go to Tulane. (ed. note: I kid. I kid.)

I’m not going to embarrass myself by suggesting I know anything about these kids. I haven’t seen a single one play a single down. But folks seem optimistic- largely because the Rivals service has them attracting something like eight “three-star” recruits- up from zero in recent years.

Can't argue from eight to zero!

The other sign of the coin is that the same service still has Tulane’s class well below average- deep in the morass typical of a bottom teir C-USA program.

It is sort of hard to square... I can see why eight from zero is heartening- it is darn tangible and this blog loves facts-but it still seems if you respect these Rivals guys opinion on players, you have to also admit they still don't think the Tulane class is even "okay" for C-USA.

I wonder if the broad increase in three star players might be due to the fact there is now an actual Tulane contributor over there. He appears to hustle, publish and be around the programs. I always thought there was merit to the point that the reason our recruits were always "generic"- we haven’t seen ‘em so put ‘em up as the catch all “two-star” ranking- was Tulane had no Rivals advocate. All of a sudden the Wave does- a writer with some clue and facts- to talk up our prospects. Anyway, seems a little too coincidental that vastly more individual players get noticed the moment a real correspondent shows up.