Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Legendary Blue Horizon

As one of the last dozen or so folks in America who like boxing, I was heartened by this article in today’s Philadelphia Daily News. The leading local promoter and leading venue in Philadelphia have agreed to bury the hatchet.
Fight fans, of course, need no introduction to the Blue Horizon, which The Ring magazine rates as the best place in the world to watch boxing.

"To stay [at the New Alhambra] and not own the building would have been foolish on my part," he said. "And, to be perfectly honest, there were problems. Every time we put on a fight card there, we had to go in early to help set up the chairs. There were always issues with setting up and breaking down the ring. We won't have some of those issues at the Blue Horizon."

Don Elbaum, who serves as Michael's matchmaker, said the two promotional companies not only won't step on each other's toes, they will serve to help one another.

"Running 12 shows a year at the Blue Horizon is not only a plus for the Blue Horizon, but for boxing and for Philadelphia," he said. "We're going to help Joe and Russell, and they're going to help us. No question."
Philadelphia is one of the last places that there is still a regular crowd for “local” boxing- and part of that is due to the awesome Legendary Blue Horizon. All boxing fans must make the pilgrimage once to see it. Here is a good video about the venue- are you worthy to be a Philadelphia fighter?