Friday, January 30, 2009

Rice Owl Ejected

Our Tulane Green Wave played… well, I dunno… an interesting game with Rice Wednesday night? The Wave promptly fell down by 19 to an awful Rice outfit, the Rice Owl mascot was ejected for headbutting the referee, Rice doesn’t make a shot for the last ten minutes, Tulane doesn’t make a shot in the last six until rallying to win at the buzzer when, of course, an Owl player fell down. Afterwards, the coaches almost have a punch out. Anyway, this short video is the last few minutes of ESPN coverage showing the drama:

I tried hard to watch it. While a real little pathetic, Tulane has some history, a little juice with Rice. There is an old maxim that two bad football teams, with their random turnovers and inconsistent play, can generate an entertaining product. C-USA frequently serves up bizarre shoot outs and funky endings between their suspect football outfits. For example, who can forget this game?

But in basketball, that is just not true. Tulane was terrible falling down 30-11 (although Rice admittedly did shoot the lights out early). Their comeback was not due to dazzling Tulane play- but rather, well, let the pithy lead sentence in the game article describe the situation:
There are collapses, and then there are displays of such utter ineptitude that one’s mouth is left agape.
But it was fun to watch in spurts. I guess it ultimately only confirmed what we know: Tulane is a pretty bad team that will struggle to win five conference games. But, I guess we got out money's worth last night in Houston.

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