Sunday, October 12, 2008

Of Interest

Due to my recent vacation, Frank Helps You Think It All Out is a bit behind the curve. So a bit of catch-up is in order.

To wit, CBS Sports has added the BlogPoll I vote in to its site. It is now the coaches, the AP and us. If you click through the “complete poll” link at the bottom of the BlogPoll you’ll see a roster of schools “participating”. Sort of fun.

As to the Poll itself, Alabama remains atop my ballot for three weeks in a row. Look, you can make many cognizant arguments for either Alabama or Texas- no protest from me. Or even Penn State. But I've watched SEC teams dominate National Championship games recently- and until someone can play with them in a giant spot, I'll default to that League.

Nothing else strikes me as crazy. I still think Mizzou will have at least three losses when all is siad and done- and Boise State will have none. Tulsa will always get a vote here- as Frank Helps You Think It All Out is one of two C-USA votes. I'm so down on the Big East- only moderate love for South Florida.

Lastly, the arrows are messed up because, due to my travels, I was unable to vote last week. So- think of oit as a start-over.

1Alabama 25
2Texas 24
3Penn State 23
4Florida 22
5Georgia 21
6Texas Tech 20
7Southern Cal 19
8Oklahoma State 18
9Boise State 17
10Ohio State 16
11LSU 15
12Brigham Young 14
13Kansas 13
14Virginia Tech 12
15Utah 11
16North Carolina 10
17Missouri 9
18Vanderbilt 8
19Michigan State 7
20Wake Forest 6
21South Florida 5
22Tulsa 4
23California 3
24Florida State 2
25Minnesota 1

Dropped Out: