Saturday, July 12, 2008

So Many Finks

It is interesting how many people think this guy is a real fink:
We now know Rodriguez to be a serial job-shopper. His agent, Mike Brown, had pitched Rodriguez’s services to Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana State in recent years before pursuing Michigan.

We now know Rodriguez doesn’t believe in contracts. He signed an amended contract with West Virginia just four months before he left. He then claimed that the signed contract was not as important as a verbal agreement that preceded it — a laughable legal argument.

Rodriguez said in December that he was battling the buyout because “we have to do what we feel is right.” He meant right for him, not the school.

Michigan is just a name to him. The school is just a platform for winning championships. This is evident in everything Rodriguez does, from his abandonment of a century-old captains tradition to his bristling at the notion that Michigan holds itself to a higher standard.
I know nothing about Rich Rodriguez and his past Tulane situation myself. But the guy makes a ton of enemies. He better get to the Rose Bowl real quick- cause a lot of folks seem ready to kick him when he's down.

He clearly is a serial job shopper. Add "jerk"... I wonder if that had any bearing on why he did not get the job at Tulane?