Monday, August 13, 2007

John Kass: Crestfallen Dope!

This morning, I was feeling kinda good about things- a feeling that started with Ryan Howard’s three-run home run leaving the yard last night. Then I came in and read this nonsense by John Kass. Yes, it is terrible that Bonds used the “clear” John, but relax a little. There is no death in the arena. No one thinks baseball or football is a church or without blemish. We watch because sports are entertaining. They really are. The Leagues do a great job, on the whole, at putting a entertaining product out there.

And no John, no one gets stabbed, well most Sundays. If you were to hang children by their heels in front of hyenas, it frankly wouldn’t get the ratings needed to survive. The athlete on television is rich beyond all rational expectation- not violated by jackasses. In fact, it is the potential for tremendous wealth that has them playing for pay in the first place- not criminal covictions. There is a jackass here- but it ain’t sports. Equating the gladiatorial spectacle to the NFL is moronic. So think about it: who the jackass is John? Think hard.

Anyway, a satisfying weekend for the Phillies- an organization we have to keep taking as relevant even though the Eagles play tonight. Some might want to mark the result down, the Phillies did miss both Hudson and Smoltz after all. Not me so much. All the absence of the Braves’ top two rotation options meant to me was the Phillies simply had to get the series victory here. They did. They pass. Picking up a game on the Mets over the weekend is mere extra serendipity!

Now it is off to Washington and Pittsburgh- a road trip that takes on more meaning- as the schedule tightens up with a home stand against the western contenders. Washington is a hard place for the Phillies to play- their big bat strategy doesn’t play as well there. Candidly, the Phillies are simply not about pitching and defense. But the Nats are running out this collection of arms: righthander Shawn Hill (3-3, 2.70), righthander Tim Redding (1-3, 2.86) and righthander Joel Hanrahan (2-0, 2.76). That is a total of six big league wins this season- and all righthanders. Have to win this series too- particularly as the Mets figure to do pretty okay tangling with Pittsburgh.