Thursday, August 09, 2007

Talking About Quality

As I sit here observing both the Mets and the S&P lose big, today’s thoughts run to the Phillies veteran lefthander Jamie Moyer. Last night Jamie won his 226th big league game. You can’t even attribute that quality number to longevity- considering Jamie only had 34 wins at 30. Anyway, you can see Jamie’s numbers here.

Talk about quality. He’s been with the Phillies for about a year now: 31 starts- and he’s won a whopping 15 of them. I’m not sure the whole Flyers team beat that number? With apologies to Cole Hamels, he’s probably been their best starting pitcher, results-wise, over that span. And Moyer has gone a long way, along with dumping Abreu’s outrageous contract, to keeping Gillick’s record of player moves from being real questionable.

He’s easy to root for- and he has been a big plus around here- without getting a lot of credit.

More good news! With a win over Florida tonight- and a little luck in St. Louis- there might be a little magic here tomorrow! Be sure to check and see.

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