Thursday, October 20, 2005

Such a Quiet Week

Such a quiet week. With no pro-football in Philadelphia last weekend, and yet another in an endless supply of uninspiring Tulane efforts, this blog seemingly is out of things to say.

So some housekeeping then- and tomorrow I'll put the Tulane preview up. The BlogPoll is out- and you can see it here. And this is my ballot.

I did vote for Notre Dame in the Top 10- mainly because I am shamelessly devoted to Our Lady of Victory. Tulane is clearly America's team right now- but normally when not ravaged by hurricanes, Tulane must defer to the Irish. And of course, Rudy probably could have started on our defensive front in 2004.

But in all honesty, we cannot all keep complaining about power teams scheduling cream-puffs, refusing to go on the road out-of-conference, etc.- unless we are willing to reward, perhaps disproportionately, teams that do. Plus, the Irish- two losses aside- probably are in the elite of college football this year.

There is some more good stuff on the Irish here. The boys at Blue-Gray sky have a particularly insightful look on how the Notre Dame fan's perspective has changed in two short months- look for the list of questions under What the Typical Notre Dame Fan Worries About...