Thursday, August 25, 2005

Frank Goes On Vacation

The blog will take a brief hiatus for just a week- as I am going on vacation. Of course, the blog will return in time to de-construct Tulane and the Golden Eagles.

By winning last night, taking two of three from the Giants, the Phillies trip is off to a good start. They are now 11-5 over their last sixteen, the lead is 1.5 games over Houston- and the Magic Number is 34

They head to Arizona now to play a Diamondback team that looks officially more and more in full quit-mode. Another good chance to add two of three.

I watched most of the game last night. It had a certain feel about it- like a train wreck- that made it hard to turn away. The Phillies played from in front most of the night- but Lidle and the outfield defense were bad enough to allow the Giants back in it time and again. Lidle simply struggled with the battalions of left-handed hitters San Francisco ran out there. Fortunately, he got hurt after four frames- and was forced to leave before he could do any more damage. That forced Mauel to finally pitch the guy who should have been starting from the get-go: Tejade. Tejada promptly entered, restored order and got the win. Only Manuel can see the wisdom in benching your most consistent starter for the past 75 days. Hopefully, Lidle will be forced to recuperate now for a turn- and Tejada will get the ball next time through.

Now, I am off to the Bristol Motor Speedway for the Sharpie 500. Sadly, since Robbie Gordon is scheduled to appear, there will be many yellow flags indicating danger. Yellow is the true color of sadness. Watch out for Kevin Harvick. He could sweep the weekend.