Friday, August 19, 2005

Don't Despair People

Bad loss for the Phillies last night- particularly since the bullpen blew an 8th inning lead. Manuel is making me utterly crazy. I love Urbina- jumped for joy when he arrived. But even I wouldn't pitch him in three games in two days. Seriously, that is just stupid.

Regardless, the Phillies still lead the Wild Card. With a Phillies win and a Houston loss, the Magic Number falls two. It is now 41

The line on the Tulane at USM game has fallen a field goal plus this week. I am not really even sure if it is based on the recent suspensions at USM or just a sort of a general revaluation of Tulane's prospects. There are rumors floating around Tulane today of a player with a big injury. Apparently it is Fred Smith- but I have not seen that confirmed by grown-ups.

That would be a shame. I love Fred- he is pure excitement on kick returns. Here's a guy a little small for BCS-level ball, but who fits in nicely at a mid-major program. They'll miss Fred- he gives them field position at least once or twice with his returns almost every game- which protects the defense.

I give Fred love here.