Tuesday, October 26, 2004

NCAA Graduation rates are out

NCAA graduation rates are out today for football. See the link here for info on Louisiana colleges:


Tulane is seventh in I-A- behind Vandy, Rice, Duke, Stanford, Northwestern and Wake. The seven were the only schools over 80%. Great job by our student athletes. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to play football and make grades at a place like Tulane.

LSU is 87th- astonishingly down from last year! Another black eye for our home.

There is just no excuse. None. You couldn’t run the LSU program at Syracuse or USC or UCLA or BYU. People would not stand for it- being held up to the rest of America as dumb rubes.

I am not saying that Tulane, Duke etc. are total paragons of academic excellence, but at least school is not a fraud. Why can’t LSU run a program like Penn State? Is it so bankrupt internally that they don’t care about the future of the kids who wear purple on Saturday? No matter the depth of your love for LSU, you have to admit that is unacceptable.

Frankly, it just reinforces the worst prejudices about the South, our home: that our athletes, our neighbor’s sons, are fodder, that our public schools are largely athletic factories with minimal standards, that minority and poor students have no use if they can’t carry a football or hit with verve and fervor.