Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Mike IV Returns to Baton Rouge


It is with a cheery heart that I am glad to announce that I will be escorting the Skull of Mike IV to the Ole Miss @ LSU game on 11/20/04 in Baton Rouge.

While Mike IV has departed this life, The Skull is very excited to return to Baton Rouge. Very excited.

The Skull’s Schedule (assuming 7PM kick off):

10AM Fund-raiser with the 1st Battalion, 141st Field Artillery, Louisiana National Guard. Support Tulane athletics by getting your photo taken for a small donation. An excellent opening to “dress up” the Skull like a girl, or Tulane fan, or tugboat captain.

1:30 PM- Skull parades back out into the parking lot, scrubbed with chlorine to keep it from stinking, and ceremoniously placed in the bowling ball bag I keep it in. Depart for Baton Rouge.

4PM- Skull arrives at game location and is majestically decorated with Gaylord Hotels’ ballcap- to salute the Gaylord Hotel Bowl- the Tigers’ exciting probable Bowl destination. We will be parked in something called “The Fairway”?

4:10PM- Green Kool-Aid poured on Skull in sign of respect. Toothpaste distributed along with hygiene pamphlets I stole from National Guard Dental Clinic. Tailgate begins.