Thursday, December 02, 2010

Matt Schaub

What? Yet another dissenter?

Eagles-Texans Scouting Report


Eagles: Even though he's completed almost 65 percent of his attempts the last two games, Michael Vick has failed to capitalize on some big-play chances. The Giants and Bears contained him as a runner with a disciplined pass rush and zone coverage behind it. Vick has averaged just 3.9 yards per carry the last 2 weeks.

Texans: Matt Schaub is a pocket passer who has a good grasp of the system. He is most effective when the Texans' rushing attack provides teeth to his play-action game. Schaub is least effective when he is forced out of the pocket and has to make plays on the move. He has thrown just seven interceptions in 367 attempts this season.

Pick: Texans

Now Matt Schaub is better than Vick? Even more shocking- he's right, Schaub is better.

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