Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Quick Announcement

I am going off topic today to slip in a quick announcement- some blog news. Eight years ago, I started writing here about Tulane. I’ve made friends, learned a lot and built a readership I respect.

This summer I received an offer to write for a major college program- to move part and parcel. The summer Tulane Retrospective was begun as a sort of farewell. In the end, I decided to not do it- but the process forced me to conclude that, after said eight years, I wanted to replace this project with “something else”.

Consequently, this blog will conclude- after the requisite post-season analysis. But I am posting this now to give some context to a few future thumbsuckers on Tulane.

I’ve always been a proponent of Tulane athletics looking like a “real” program. Marching bands, chat boards, cheerleaders and tailgating- a substantial program has all the peripherals. Accordingly, Tulane football needs a blog, an unofficial communication engine- and for all of Frank Helps You Think It All Out’s warts, it served as a link spot for CBS Sports, SB Nation and BlogPoll.

So, while I am content to leave this property, I’d like for something to move forward. I still want to write about Tulane, but not with the three times a week deadline that is necessary to keep readers coming back. I’d like to share responsibility- and cover gaps in this site’s offering: recruiting, real journalism, etc.

As the sole proprietor currently, I push content. I’d like to help produce something more democratic. Plus, as Tulane does an indifferent job with all this new media- maybe we could fill the gap after we produce a credible product: do a weekly on line radio show, offer guests to WTUL and sports stations, liaise with the Hullabaloo and Times-Picayune, be a resource to the League.

The point is, I don’t have an answer yet- but I am going to spend some bandwidth here musing on a “new” product, soliciting input and participation.

The longevity of this blog has opened some other opportunities for me- writing projects in the past I’ve declined to investigate that I’d still like to try. Write about other stuff- and also focus on a longer New Orleans related writing product.

In the end, my time as a routine content provider has run its course. I’ve done enough. And you’ve heard enough from me.

I will save the good-byes and thank yous for the true end. But I wanted to communicate the coming conclusion of this project.