Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sorry- I've been away from Frank Helps You Think It All Out. I've been battling a tracheal infection. It has been gross and kinda debilitating.

Nevertheless, this caught my fancy- "Jockeys Battle at Philadelphia Park":

Two jockeys at Philadelphia Park got into a fistfight yesterday, which wouldn't be big news - except the jockeys were riding in the fifth race when the brawl broke out.

Divine Light, ridden by Eriluis Vaz, was disqualified after Vaz punched Mi Helena's jockey, Ademar Santos, in the face as their horses rode along the backstretch. Neither horse finished in the money.

A replay showed that after Vaz threw his punch, Santos appeared to punch Vaz right back. Then Vaz nailed Santos with his whip.

Now that, people, is horse racing.