Friday, June 26, 2009

A Modest Proposal for $10 Million

I honestly do not know what to make of this:
Eyewitness Sports has learned that UNO athletics could be saved and those of Tulane and LSU enhanced after the estate of a solitary, somewhat eccentric, sports-loving oil man is settled.

Logan Wickliffe Cary, Jr., known primarily as "Wick" has left an estate valued in nine figures - some say as much as $150 million.

His will stipulates that one-third of the eventual proceeds from it would go to UNO athletics, one-third to the University of Oklahoma athletics, one-sixth to Tulane athletics, and one-sixth to LSU athletics.
I have no clue how that money will come into to Tulane- or how much will actually show up. But since I don’t believe most tactical solutions (a shiny new building) solve any of Tulane’s strategic problems, I’m a little short of ideas.

The one strategic problem Tulane does have is money, plain old cash flow- so some sort of endowment tabbed to spin off half-a-million, one million dollars a year in working capital might be the best use? I don’t know. I know: pretty modest and unexciting. But it would be a step toward a genuine solution with guaranteed results: a boffo new revenue stream- as opposed to an SMU style white elephant: Gerald Ford Stadium.