Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Byron Parker Gets To Stay In A Fetching Green

I was knocked over to see the Philadelphia Eagles added a member of the Tulane Green Wave to their roster: safety Byron Parker.

Even with the Eagles obvious need at safety, this is a real stunner. This guy left Tulane 2003 where he was first and foremost basketball player. He was a pretty good defender- and had a moment when he won that silly slam dunk contest held at the Final Four back then. He played a couple of years as a defensive back- really not an impact player- but I guess someone in the CFL took a shine to his athletic ability.

I have no idea if he’ll make the roster; I honestly can’t remember him as a football player at all: basketball yes, football no.

But he’ll get a look. For one thing, it is a position with an outright vacancy. The Eagles let two safeties go: Brain Dawkins and Sean Considine. They did pick up Sean Jones to push for a starter role- but that low cost, last on the depth chart, special teams ace spot is real available. I’m not even sure he’ll face direct competition from a first day defensive back draft pick- as such a player won’t be ticketed to fill a low cost roster spot. A second day safety directly threaten him obviously.

No guarantees, particularly for a guy who doesn’t even have a jersey number on the site. But he is a four year pro with some success up north targeted for a secondary role he could do- he is as good a longshot for a roster spot as anyone.

On a personal note, Frank Helps You Think It All Out is going on a short hiatus- just one week- as I am going off the grid starting tomorrow. I will be back in time to rail on John Stevens and the Fyers.

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