Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tulane 8, LSU 7

More than a little ornery juice flowing from the Tulane community this morning- as the Tulane Green Wave began an attempt to right their season by defeating #2 LSU last night by an 8-7 mark.

Look, it never gets boring to take the Tigers down a peg- particularly when you get outstanding and fair points from one “Wavefan” on yogwf. These are his rules:
Always remember the "Tigah Code" for this series:
Winning in this series means more to Tulane than to LSU, even if it doesn't.
We pitch our "weekend starters," even when we don't.
They pitch the end of their bench; if it looks like they have their ace closer in, well, they just don't.
And above all else, it is a meaningless midweek game, unless LSU wins, in which case it establishes who has the better team.
Honestly, I don’t think Tulane needs to apologize for “trying harder” to win this game than LSU. We play in a weaker League, get fewer season changing games. LSU has every other conceivable program advantage. Does anyone believe that the college baseball environment isn’t hugely slanted toward the Tigers?

So, it behooves Tulane both to take the small advantages and to get the big wins when they are available. If that means jumbling the rotation a little- so be it. I plan to never get in the habit for apologizing for victories over the big state monster to the north.

Anyway, good win for Tulane and the program.

(Photo credit: I stole the photo from nola)