Monday, October 20, 2008

This Week In BlogPoll

The Tampa Rays victory last night has plunged me into the sort of mixture of optimism and ennui that frequently effects Frank Helps You Think It All Out. For example,I'm glad the Rays won because I thought the Sox would sweep the Phillies- whereas Philadelphia might win a game or two versus the Rays.

Anyway, to take my mind off of it- here is my vote in this week's BlogPoll:

1Texas 1
2Alabama 1
3Penn State --
4Florida --
5Oklahoma --
6Georgia 1
7Texas Tech 1
8Southern Cal 1
9Oklahoma State 1
10Boise State 1
11Ohio State 1
12LSU 1
13Tulsa 9
14Utah 1
15TCU 11
16South Florida 5
17Kansas 4
18Brigham Young 6
19Georgia Tech 7
20Ball State 6
21Pittsburgh 5
22Florida State 2
23Minnesota 2
24Northwestern 2
25Maryland 1

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech (#14), North Carolina (#16), Missouri (#17), Vanderbilt (#18), Michigan State (#19), Wake Forest (#20), California (#23).

As to the particulars... I flipped my vote this week between Texas and Alabama. Frank Helps You Think It All Out is long a proponent of the SEC being an almost guaranteed participant and huge winner of the BCS title game- but it is hard to ignore Texas right now. So I'm not fighting the tide here.

I'm moving Tulsa up though. I have come to the conclusion I agree with this guy. And I hated myself for weeks voting for BYU like they were a real good team. So I'm replacing BYU with Tulsa- and as one of few C-USA voters, I'm not apologizing for it.

I'm also leaving Mizzou off. I never liked them- and now, I'm standing up for myself. Plus, now you can add that they're a little soft: you can punch them in the mouth and they don't seem up to punching back. I think they're going to lose to Kansas- and would lose to Texas Tech/Oklahoma. And I'm not voting for the fifth best team in the Big 12. The Tigers are on the road to three-five losses and zero wins over top 25 teams; they don't deserve it. Look, they have five wins- none all that good- three of those wins are SE Missouri, Nevada and Buffalo. Not good enough.

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