Monday, April 28, 2008

Racing With Jesus

In the middle of all the Flyers and Matt Forte and Sixers- all of which I will get to this week- I just wanted to throw a shout out to Morgan Shepherd.

Morgan Shepherd is 66 years old- and this week, with a five person team, ran thirteenth in the Aaron’s 312. His sponsor is, well, “Jesus”. Anyway, the Nationwide Series is some serious motorsports- the companion series to NASCAR’s big show- and Morgan and “Racing With Jesus” put on a great show.

Talladega ain’t no joke either- biggest and fastest on the circuit. Nineteen cars didn’t finish; fourteen wrecked out.

If you don’t follow NASCAR, you don’t realize how impossible it was for this small team to run on the lead-lap all day- let alone with a guy 66 years old driving. The guy is the last driver left on the circuit to have literally run moonshine back in the “old days”- and I know I wasn’t the only one hoping for a giant Divine last lap wreck that would have given him one last big time win.

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