Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mr. Bold

The BlogPoll is up- and apparently I have won my second ever Mr. Bold Award. I think I won once for the initial poll last year when I was going through an “SEC is awesome” thing- ultimately proved sort of right by Florida!

I don't find my ballot insane though; I do have Cal at #1 for bad reasons vis-à-vis LSU. But this is a Tulane blog- so cope. I probably do have Virginia Tech too high- but I was sort of forced into that by having Clemson too high before that. Life is like that sometimes- wrongs just accumulate.

But I bet almost the entire reason my poll is divergent is my refusal to buy any Big East team in general- South Florida as a top ten outfit in specific- and I will not rank Hawai’i out of the #25 spot until they beat someone of marginal significance.