Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Buddy Teevens

Tulane fans! You're sitting there.... thinking it....

Buddy Teevens.

I mean, you gotta consider it. The vapid nature of the team and coach suggest Teevins more to me. But, hey you could make a case. Even worse, Jim Harbaugh won last weekend.

How you feel that Stanford win feels this morning in the Tulane athletics department? But, I sense only on the scoreboard did Stanford "win". I didn't see the game- but I'm sure USC had more classless personal fouls.

Toledo-nauts- I share your misery. Back from West Point, it was worst loss I've ever seen live. The penalties- more dumb and frankly dirty play. Cheating on a FG attempt with a "tee" of some sort; did I hear that right? Add that to our total of umpteen personal fouls too. Toledo must award "Buckeye" stickers for them or something. And the Hail Mary.... great- dumb, dirty and now unlucky too.

Can we now at least be spared one week, one measely week, of Bob Toledo being lauded for teaching Tulane all sort of special winning ways? Can I be spared, for one week, of any doubt for having concerns about the all knowing, newspaper jabbering, know it all Coach Annie Sullivan? One week. So far, by any fair metric, he is... well, not doing too good.