Thursday, June 07, 2007

Panic in the Post

Last night, I was at Shea for the Phillies entertaining second straight win over their division overlords. There was a lot to feel good about: another three innings of shut-out relief by three guys it would help to really get going, Victorino displaying his deadly outfield arm, big two-out home run, Eaton looking like he might be righting himself

But what I left with was a little sense of “uh-oh”- a little doubt about the Mets’ air of inevitability- from the assembled Met partisans. Sigh… if they are doubtful now after facing an enigmatic right-hander, now they get to see the ace lefty. Big start Cole. Get back to five games- put some pressure on these coasting Mets and inscrutable Braves.

My sense of “doubt” was confirmed when Kevin Kernan in the Post started to look for the panic button. Not that he is panicked- but it might be a good thing to know where it is, right Kevin? Read and enjoy his doubt:
DON'T be fooled…..

Aaron Heilman is still giving up big home runs, injuries are taking a toll on Willie Randolph's club, the lack of clutch hitting is a major issue and the Phillies are back over .500. Jimmy "We're the team to beat" Rollins single-handedly made sure his Phillies were not beaten last night, lining a three-run, two-out, two-strike home run off a Heilman changeup in the seventh, lifting Philadelphia to a stunning 4-2 victory at Shea.

J-Roll supplied the dose of reality the Mets and their fans desperately need. This season is not going to be a cake-walk….

…. but this team does not have what it takes to win the club's first World Series in 21 years. There are too many holes.

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