Monday, April 23, 2007


The PDN declares hopefully for a Resurgence!

I dunno. The Phillies have been pretty bad for twenty or so games- consequently, they need more than two good games to crow. As the article says, you are only as hot as your next starting pitcher- and the Phillies merely may have got a pair of very solid outings. I mean, can anyone categorically say the bullpen is fixed? Or the lead-off spot? Or the whole last half of the line-up?

But, to the plus side, they have gotten a pretty solid turn through the rotation- and it is very hard to be very bad if your rotation is going well. But I need to see three of the next four- a one-off here with the Astros, then Washington- before we can look to enough competence to prophesize the May serving to square the Phillies’ overall mark.