Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Blog on the Roll

I put a new blog on the roll this morning. It is ostensibly Darth Vader's dairy. You kinda have to read it- as opposed to graze it- but parts are really funny: the endless meetings required to run the galaxy, foolish subordinates, etc. I don't know. It made me laugh.


A sample:

Light lunch. Meeting a fan. Brisk, cool audience with the Emperor of the Galaxy.

The day began with a tedious set of inter-departmental meetings debriefing the operational tests we have conducted on this battle-station's systems over the past few days. Moff Jerjerrod was extremely pleased with himself, and took up an entire hour with a self-indulgent, morale-boosting lake of verbal diarrhea about surpassing our own benchmarks by honing our core competencies, or some such similar malarkey. "The operational efficiencies of this Death Star will serve as a template for all Death Stars to come!" he preened to scattered applause.

I had such a headache.