Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Shame on the Deadskins

This blog follows the NFC East with a lot of interest- and there is an poignant article in the WashPost today about the Washington Redskins.


On these pages I have often argued that the Redskins' problems stem not from the on field product. They've never had bad players here- or perhaps it is more correct to say- the on field record is always worse than the talent provided.

The problem is that an NFL franchise is composed of four things: players, owner, coaches and fans. In Washington, the owner is ineffectual, the last three head coaches have been overwhelmed and the fans are tired. Can anyone honestly be surprised that the on-field product is ineffectual, overwhelmed and tired?

The Redskins' team is probably fixable- but the organization, coach and fans are the worst in the division. As long as that is true, the 'skins will not be a serious factor- other than catch lightening in a bottle strategies.

This article is unimportant in and of itself- but it is indicative of the Redskins and their organization. As Tony says:
People who buy season tickets are real fans -- particularly people who buy season tickets for a team that hasn't won squat in the last decade or so. And now it seems that being a real fan isn't enough. Now they don't just want your loyalty and your money -- now they want a specific kind of your money. In return, you won't necessarily get a good team, but you may be able to get enough points to get a seat upgrade. Maybe from obstructed to clear.

Now back to the Super Bowl.