Sunday, April 11, 2010

More On McNabb

For any Eagles fans' needing relief from nagging doubts about the McNabb trade, Jerry's Wheelhouse offers the posted picture above and this link (warning- a bit vulgar) re-assuring us masses. The main points are here:
Why this move is stupid?

1. You are giving up a 2nd this year and (most likely) a 3rd next year on a team not remotely built to “win now”
2. You took a QB who complained for years that he didn’t have enough weapons on offense to win, and you brought him to a team with less weapons
3. The offensive line is currently comprised of three folding chairs, Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Stephon Heyer
4. McNabb has missed 15 games due to injury since 2007
5. At best he gives you three “good” seasons. At worst, zero.

I am an unabashed fan of the Wheelhouse- we started our blogs almost the exact day and have managed to hang in there in blogspace. It is funny and I always learn something.

Some of the comments are pithy too- read through them. They are a bit hard on the Eagles' fan base- which is hardly represented by the few hundred yo-yos who call 610 WIP. Again, not that my family, surrounding season ticket holders and Philly-based friends is any more representative- but they all think McNabb was a class act who was the best qb in Philly history. McNabb is a popular icon with the African-American community- who are not exactly WIP's base of listener support. You watch, when he returns with the Redskins this year he will get a massive, sustained burst of love from Section 204.

I actually think most Philadelphia fans have the absolute right take on McNabb- a very good player but short of greatness. Somehow, mostly due to rabble-rousers on the radio, there is an impression that Philadelphia dislikes the guy. Yes, he is the starting qb in a major media market, so he is going to take lumps. But he is more popular, more well thought of in Philadelphia than Eli Manning is in New York- and Eli won a Super Bowl! He never took the lumps in the Philadelphia press that Tony Romo took in the Dallas media.

But Philly has the rep. But- whisper- the Philadelphia fan has substantially mellowed since the Eagles began a decade of good football and the Phillies run of superior play.