Thursday, March 27, 2008

Maybe if we built another new stadium?

Speaking of baseball- and I know it is a long season- but the Tulane Green Wave seems to be in a bit of trouble, no? The sort of trouble that defies the normal yogwf solution: Build another stadium!

Right now, it is a fair, and unfortunately easy, argument to make that, right now, UNO, SE La and LSU are better than Tulane. And while I don’t follow college baseball religiously, perhaps a little distance, a little "frank" talk, helps here.

So, let’s be frank: Every “real” test: Dairy Queen Classic (love that!!!), UC-Irvine, UNO, LSU, SE La.- well, maybe Tulane hasn’t “failed”- but let’s just say nothing suggests they’re a Top 40-50 team. Or even “okay-plus” when Shooter isn’t available.

I will also say- although I bet there are a zillion rational excuses why Tulane did it- these series against Sacred Heart and other assorted jokesters seemingly did zero to get Tulane ready to play against real Division I outfits. You play these out of conference games to learn about your team for the important stuff- to prep for conference and intra-Louisiana play, find out who can pitch and hit in a “real” collegiate program. We clearly did not find answers- or we sort of stink. Either way...

If they don’t make the tournament again this year (anyone willing to say they definitely will?), that is trouble for that program.

Still, even in my ignorance, I would think the presence of Shooter makes the season salvageable. Add one more, just one!, quality option to the weekend rotation and a Top3-4 finish in conference is very possible. Sure, Tulane is certainly not in Rice’s class. The Pirates are probably better weekend in and weekend out too. But find another plus C-USA level starter and we’re in the mix for third or fourth.

Finish .500 in the League- which is probably where they are now- and you can stop saying we are a re-load, rather than rebuild, baseball program. And it makes 2009 a “win or panic” year.

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