Sunday, September 12, 2004

Tulane vs Florida A&M Wrap Up

Rattlers bring excitement! And lots of bad players! And few fans! We were sold a bill of goods there, weren't we?

I don’t think there is really too much to say about the game Saturday. Before the game, I posted that I thought the Wave would handle this team by a few scores- and that I would consider the game a success if:

• They ran it down the Rattlers throat.
• Get Ricard a chance to really exercise the offense and build some confidence
• Not allow the game to be competitive after the first half.

Frankly, mission accomplished in all three phases. It was a strong, bounce-back effort, albeit against a pretty hapless opponent. There might have been more to pull out of the game, but I did not see it- and it was not on the satellite either- so I am going to leave it at that.

Nevertheless, I sense the Wave, was a team that really was going to be helped by a glorified scrimmage- particularly the quarterback.

More importantly, it keeps them on track for a non-disaster season. To me, the goal of this season has always been to win the three games they ought to win- this past one, ECU and Army- and get to the turn at 2-4. They probably have to get the ECU game to make that happen- as I really cannot see them being competitive against Lousiville or @ Memphis. USM is a real stretch at this point too.

The Cardinals are -17 over the Wave this week. Unfortunately, I believe they are going to really smoke us. I cannot imagine any scenario where we score more than 17- or worse- keep them under 40. Unless Louisville literally turns it over five times or so.

However, there are a prospective two wins, even maybe three more if Ricard continues to improve, in the second half of the season. For one thing, I saw the Army game- they’re brutal again.

A 4-7 campaign, returning most of the offense and the defensive front seven, sets us up for some nice runs in 2005-2006.